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Fapturbo Review

Fapturbo 2.0 is one of the best Forex EAs available on the market. Fapturbo version 1.0 was a highly successful Forex robot and one of the most popular among the Forex traders community. The new version 2.0 has many upgrades and fine tunings for an even greater performance. The developers, Steve & Mike, improved the trading algorithm and fixed all the software glitches from the previous version. They recommend Fapturbo 2.0 as one of the safest ways to get rich on Forex. You don’t need to have deep knowledge of Forex and technical analysis in order to become successful with this Forex EA.

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Fapturbo 2.0 is a reliable trading robot that can trade Forex in a completely automate way. You can download the program and install it on your trading platform and it will run in background on your computer, allowing you to use the computer for other activities as well. The software comes with video tutorials that explain the entire installation and set up process. Fapturbo 2.0 is totally “newbie friendly” and allows even people with no prior Forex experience to become successful traders. The software performs trades on autopilot using complicated algorithms to decide when is the best moment to enter a trade.

Steve Carletti, one of the developers of Fapturbo 2.0, is a professional programmer. He highlights some of the many benefits of using the program for automating trading on Forex, including the huge market of 3 trillion dollars traded on Forex on each day and the low start up costs to start your own trading business using Fapturbo. Trading on the Forex market is a business with a lot of potential and great rewards. Steve himself is a successful Forex trader besides being a professional programmer.

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Fapturbo 2.0, same as his predecessor, Fapturbo 1.0, received a great number of positive reviews from traders around the world. Fapturbo is the best seller EA so far. No other Forex robot could match its reliability, performance and profitability rate.

Steve & Mike, the developers of the EA software, explain that the main trading strategy used by Fapturbo is scalping on 4 different currencies pairs, during the Asian session. Fapturbo also uses a different trading strategy only for the EUR/USD currency pair, applied on the M1 timeframe, called “long term strategy”. The long term strategy is using very large tp/sl targets. The scalper strategy is applied on EUR/CHF currency pair on a M15 timeframe, on the EUR/GBP currency pair on a M15 timeframe, on GBP/CHF currency pair on a M15 timeframe, and on the USD/CAD currency pair on a M15 timeframe. The trading strategies used by Fapturbo are among the safest and most profitable strategies used to trade on the Forex market. The great advantage of using Fapturbo is that you can trade on autopilot, without the need to master the trading techniques or to spend all your time on front of your computer screen.

The extensive manual that comes with Fapturbo explains everything for the users, from back testing, to history data and VPS solutions. The files included in the Fapturbo package are the DLL with variables and parameters, and an ex4 file.


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